The Prescription for Board Success

Our goal is provide clients with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to improve their governance and management capabilities so that they are better able to make a difference in the communities they serve.  Do you want to improve your board’s governance capabilities? Recruit more top board talent? Improve your strategic plan? Stabilize your funding? BOARDrx can help with these issues and so many more.  

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Meeting Today’s Funding Challenges Head On

Non-profit organizations that depend on funders and donors must meet evolving governance and organizational standards in order to maintain and/or improve their funding levels. Making changes is never easy.  BOARDrx can help you assess where the most effective improvements are needed and then help you put them in place in an affordable and sustainable manner.


We offer a variety of tools and resources developed and tested in the field to make non-profit boards stronger.


The charge for our services is both reasonable and negotiable – we offer our clients good value for high quality work.


Let us help you build the programs and tools your board needs for the long term.

ORGrx for Improved Organizational Effectiveness

We created ORGrx to provide support to non-profit CEOs and Executive Directors grappling with various organizational issues.  Need help supporting your board? Improving the organization’s structure? Revitalizing job descriptions? Carrying out an in-depth HR policy review? Developing effective succession plans?  ORGrx can help!

Let’s Do This!

If you want to build a healthy, successful organization that will thrive in today’s competitive non-profit environment, BOARDrx and ORGrx are here to help make it happen!

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